Friday, June 15, 2012


i just started writing a story called A Soul Mate or an End. i really like it so far. i have almost finished my first chapter, usually it takes me a long time to write a chapter because i don't like the way it sounds, but i love it so far. i really can't wait until i'm more into the story. i think i'm doing an amazing job with my story. i really hope that you guys are doing well with your writing. : )

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

working on a new story

I decided to try and write an adult book. I don't know how well it's going to work out, but I'm going to try my best to accomplish it. I know I have started plenty of stories in the past and never finished them, but I'm going to try my best and finish this one. It's called A Soul Mate or An End. I really like what I have written so far for it and I hope you guys will enjoy the sneak peaks I will be posting later for A Soul Mate or An End. I also might post a fanfiction that I'm working on called Kingdom Affairs. It's a Vampire Academy fanfiction that I have thought about for awhile. I have the first three chapters typed up and the fourth chapter is written in my journal. So I hope you guys will enjoy them later when I start posting.


I know

I know haven't updated in awhile and I'm really sorry. I forgot about my blog until now and I really want to get into using my blog more. I hope you guys will bear with me because I'm still not use to working a blog. I hope you guys will have an amazing summer.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


My name is Cassie Marie Thomas. I am sixteen years old. I am first in line for the throne even though I am the youngest of three. My brother Hector is very jealous that I am first in line for the throne. My brother Jeffrey doesn't really care because he is leading a double life. There is going to be battles, love triangles, heartbreak, arranged marriages, and so much more.

I have a couple of sneak peaks if you guys would like to look at them then comment. Please and Thank you

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


when i look at you thats all i think about
when i see you looking at me thats all i think about
when i see you in my spanish class i think yes i cant wait to talk to you
when you think about me i can see it in ur eyes
when i think about you i know i am thinking happy things chad
when i think about the things that we have gone through in the past couple months i am happy that we got over our little bump
when i look at you i think of the night sky when i can see all of the stars shinning bright like you
when i dont see you i sometimes feel like i am in a pit of darkness
when i think about you i think about what we talked about that day
when i think about us i never want it to end
when you think about it you have made me a happier person then i was before
when i see you looking at me in the morning i am thinking does he think that i look pretty
when i see you in the morning i am thinking wow he looks good today or happy or sad or just plain tired
when i want you to notice something u usually do which is a good thing

about me

hey my name is Nechole. Im 21 years old. Im a girl. I like to play sports and stuff like that. Im kind of shy when I first meet people. I read a lot of books. Im also writing my own book i don't really know if it is any good. I like Vampire Academy, Generation Dead series, Harry Potter, Twilight Series, Alex Rider Series, I like Sarah Dessen she is a good writer, and many more. I play a lot of sports some on teams and some with just friends. I like to write stories, songs, and Poetry. I don't show really anyone what I write but I probably will in this blog to see what people think and they can add stuff to it. I like to go bowling, chill with friends, movies, and many more things. I have a boyfriend Dan he's a little younger than me. if you want to know more Im me at NecholeEJ or yim