Wednesday, June 10, 2009

about me

hey my name is Nechole. Im 21 years old. Im a girl. I like to play sports and stuff like that. Im kind of shy when I first meet people. I read a lot of books. Im also writing my own book i don't really know if it is any good. I like Vampire Academy, Generation Dead series, Harry Potter, Twilight Series, Alex Rider Series, I like Sarah Dessen she is a good writer, and many more. I play a lot of sports some on teams and some with just friends. I like to write stories, songs, and Poetry. I don't show really anyone what I write but I probably will in this blog to see what people think and they can add stuff to it. I like to go bowling, chill with friends, movies, and many more things. I have a boyfriend Dan he's a little younger than me. if you want to know more Im me at NecholeEJ or yim

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